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Randy Hines, Real Estate Broker/Owner/Property Manager
Randy has been a top selling agent in the Houston area for over 25+ years. He purchased Gold Key Realty & Management in 1993. He and his wife, Rachel, have been running the business ever since. Randy handles the sales, leasing & marketing aspects of the business.
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Rachel Hines, Realtor/Owner/Property Manager
Rachel is a licensed Realtor and the Office Manager/Property Manager. She handles the day to day property management duties and accounting. More than likely, if you call Gold Key Management, you will speak with her.
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Linda Smelser, Realtor
Linda is a licensed Realtor who joined our team last year and has proven to be a valuable part of our company! Linda started out as a property investor so she is a perfect fit for property management! As a matter of fact, Gold Key managed her investment home for several years before she sold it. She is a firm believer in hiring a professional property manager to handle investment properties. We are so happy she decided to come work with us! She has helped so many tenants find new homes and loves working with buyers, sellers and tenants!

Individual Contractors/Realtors
There are a number of individual contractors we hire as needed for repairs as well as realtors associated with our company to show property, put up signs, and assist in day-to-day field activities, etc.